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This revolutionary range of mobile skate park equipment will enable all communities, however small or remote to experience skate sports.

The Highline Extreme range of mobile skate equipment is the most advanced on the market. Utilising a bespoke hinging system allows all ramps to be interchanged to create a wide variety of ramp combinations. The range has been designed with colour coded components to allow quick and easy assembly. These ramps are constructed from the highest quality laser cut and folded steel with a gloss powder coat finish. The skatelite riding surface oozes quality and ensures the best possible ride. Set-up is a 45 minute process on any suitable surface. The entire skate park can be packed into a box trailer to be towed by a suitable vehicle.

HIGHLINE Skate Park Manufacturer UK Mobile Half pipe

The mobile half pipe can be set up individually as quarter pipes or together with the independent floor sections to create the half pipe. With adjustable stabilising feet the ramp can be setup on any surface. Dimensions: 2.6m Wide X 1.1m High

HIGHLINE Skate Park Manufacturer UK Flatbank

The flatbank consists of 1.2m safety back board, 800mm platform and a flatbank transition. The combination of safety struts and laser cut components ensure a lightweight but very rigid structure. Dimensions of safety back board: 1.2m Wide x 1.2m High Dimensions of platform: 1.5m wide x 0.8m High

HIGHLINE Skate Park Manufacturer UK Spine

The spine sections are made up of two curved transitions that connect via the bespoke hinges. Each spine half can be used in conjunction with other ramps in this range. Dimensions: 1.2m Wide x 0.8m

HighHIGHLINE Skate Park Manufacturer UK 3-Way Grind Rail

The 3 way grind rail is made up of two 1.6 metre long sections which join together with locating pins and a custom magnetic locking system. Made from powder coated folded profiles, galvanised grind rails and a skatelite riding surface. The 3-way grind rail can be rotated to reveal three different grind bars. Dimensions of section: 0.4m high x 1.6m

HIGHLINE Skate Park Manufacturer UK Jump Ramp

Constructed from laser cut and folded steel the jump ramp is very sturdy. The jump ramp has two quick release legs which can be removed for storage. Dimensions: 1.2m Wide x 0.3m High


HIGHLINE Skate Park Manufacturer UK

Manual Box

Two 1.6 metre long folding sections can be setup individually or together. Each manual box section has four quick release legs and can be folded in half for storage. Dimensions of section: 0.6m wide x 0.3m high x 1.6m long

HIGHLINE Skate Park Manufacturer UK Grind rail

The stainless steel grind rail Dimensions are 1.6m long x 0.4m high. The grind rails have two quick release Powder Coated legs which can be removed for storage. These items are sold individually.



HIGHLINE Skate Park Manufacturer UK Custom trolley

The trolley has been designed to store all of the standard Mobile Skate Park kit in a safe and tidy way. It is made of powder coated steel with four casters, two of them swivelling, this allows you to move the items to their desired location without having to move each individual item. The trolley allows all of the components to remain secure during transit. Dimensions: 1.6m Wide x 1.6m Deep x 1.7m High

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